10 BJJ Techniques Free For You! Check It Out!

  • On May 7th of 2016 our team came together to help one of our dear black belt’s family. The seminar was In Memory of Matt Rushka, brother of our Submission Grappling coach, Professor Rick Rushka. Matt passed away suddenly at a very young age leaving a wife and family.

    Our school is a very tight community, and we always feel that we are more than just a team, we are a family. In moments like this we are all together. We decided to host a BJJ Improv Fundraising Seminar to help Matt’s widow and family and to honor his life.

    Many of our black belts donated their time showing BJJ techniques! We started answering one question from the crowd and all of the other black belts followed up countering or moving forward from the previous technique.

    We filmed the total of 10 BJJ Techniques. Soon we will be hosting another BJJ Improv Seminar for FREE!

    You can check and subscribe to our YouTube Page at: http://youtube.com/koremartialarts or watch all ten techniques here:

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Luigi Mondelli

Luigi Mondelli is a BJJ 4th Degree Black belt, founder of American Top Team Connecticut & Kore BJJ Association. 5x Panamerican & 3x World Masters Champion.

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