The Fight Team Podcast – Episode 14 is out!

  • The Fight Team Podcast with Marcos “Parrumpa” DaMatta. ATT Pro Team BJJ Coach

    In this episode of the Fight Team Podcast we had Marcos “Parrumpa” DaMatta, a Carlson Gracie Black Belt, BJJ World Champion and onwer of American Top Team West Palm Beach.

    Parrumpa is also the BJJ coach of all American Top Team MMA Professional Fighters.

    The conversation included many stories from when Carlson Gracie Team was one of the most dominant teams in the world, how the training regiment was, how much time students used to spend in each belts, and some other funny Carlson Gracie stories.

    Parrumpa is an example of BJJ and MMA coach that is always evolving, adapting, inspiring everyone that trains under him.

    Enjoy the show and please send us your requests for topics, questions, etc.

    The Fight Team Podcast

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